How To Change My Life

How To Change My Life


how to change my lifeIn today’s world of uncertainty and discontent, everyone asks themselves an important question. When their back is up against the wall, the question that constantly comes up is: how to change my life? For this purpose; people read books, listen to radio shows and attend the talks of Life Coaches in hope of changing their life For many people who fail to get an answer,to this all important question become more complex and frustrated as time passes. The fact is, you do not need to buy books or spend money on attending coaching sessions to understand the basics of true human transformation. There are some hardcore facts you need to know and simple steps you need to follow in chronological order to see true change.

When you ask yourself how to change my life, you should realize that there is no special method or solution for you out there. The principles of change are universal and work the same way for every one of us just like gravity. So, here are these three simple, but life changing tips below.

Identify your goals

When turning things around, identification of the target is the most important thing. Generally, people tend to ignore the reality of their situation and procrastinate as long as they can, which only makes the matter worse. If you know where you are headed and what you want, life would be hell of a lot easier in getting a answer when asking yourself how to change my life.

An important point about setting and identifying goals is to, set long term goals and break them up in short term goals also called milestones. This is important because short term goals are easy to achieve, and hence keep a person charged and motivated for the long journey ahead. As Martin Luther King put it, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

life change

Love what you do or don’t do it

You can’t succeed in a thing you hate doing, no matter how hard you try. The reason is that, there will always be people who love doing what you hate; hence they will attend to it better than you with a lot more commitment and ultimately succeed you.

In bad times, you will only be able to stick with things you love and there will be some bad times in the begining and throughout the journey. For example, if a person loves to play guitar, he will continue doing it and improving at it, no matter if he gets money and fame or not. But, imagine if he forces himself every morning to go to work to do his Accounting job, expect the exact opposite.

Surround yourself with successful people

Do an internet search and you will find hundreds of thousands of advice on becoming a successful person. However, if there is any advice on how to change your life, it’s mainly about surrounding yourself with successful people.  Remember, Tony Robbins said leaves clues.

Successful people will encourage you, guide you and make you learn; while losers will always discourage you. Misguiding you and impede your learning process. To bring a change in your life, it is vital that you join the company of those who have already changed their lives.

Conclusively, you can only know how to change your life by changing your perception about your future. For a brighter one, you have to take a path that requires ruthless prioritization and bold decision making. So, sail away from the safe harbor and have a look at your situation with a completely different angle; only then you will be able to recognize what you want, how you want it and when you want it.

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Your Future Is In Your Mouth

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Power Of The Tongue

The majority of us underestimate the energy in our words.  We very often miss how our words set the tone for our day/life.  A couple of words could make someone’s day or shatter it.  Words can inspire anyone to buy, or disappear without purchasing.  Our words can move anyone to do their finest work or serve to either develop or to destroy you.  They can empower and inspire.  Because of this we ought to choose our words carefully. Words are a sword of two edges.  Your words can create the most amazing dream you have, or perhaps your words can destroy everything around you.

Energy and Intention

The energy of a word is based on the intention behind it.  We communicate best if we are obvious about who we are and just what we intend to do. This type of clearness prevents us from saying words which are dangerous to ourselves or others. It might prevent us from participating in dangerous gossip and worrying.

Misuse of words: Gossip 

Gossip is generally destructive.  It’s frequently a careless utilization of our words.  We simply aren’t considering the way we are affecting others.  Sometimes gossip is mean spirited and meant to cause hurt.  Whether gossip is careless or intentional, it causes discomfort.  We might be wishing for any little humor or self justification, however the outcomes of gossip are anger, suspicion, embarrassment, and fear.  These masterpieces of gossip adversely affect morale, service, and productivity. You can’t both worry about someone and gossip about the subject.  If you feel to the final time you can either heard or offered gossip, it most likely did not cause you to feel good.  Gossip disempowers us.

Chronic Worry

Much like gossip is chronic worrying. Worrying about people and situations causes us to be look and feel powerless. Managers who complain before their employees lose credibility as leaders. Chronic worrying leads us right into a stalemate street where there’s absolutely nothing to be achieved. We become sufferers who’re powerless to alter anything. While ventilation frustrations to some reliable friend could be useful in delivering negativity, worrying to everybody has a tendency to reinforce negativity. Like gossip, chronic worrying disempowers us.

Our energy put into words to harm is exceeded only by our energy to do good.  An easy, sincere apology (given without expectation of return) can heal rapport.  An beneficial word in the right moment can alter a existence, launch a job, or convince anyone to exceed perceived restrictions.  By purposely searching for proof of greatness in other people, by using our words to inform them, we help others to construct confidence. Whenever we sincerely speak well of others we uplift ourselves.

There’s great energy for making the resolve for keeping our words as positive and existence know once we can.  Being an reinforcing presence our influence develops. We feel happier about ourselves. Constant negative speech imprisons us and prevents us from finding pleasure and success. Developing the habit of smoking of speaking well of self yet others frees us to savor existence more. We be a blessing to ourselves and also to others.

Ideas and Thoughts

Our spoken words result from our ideas. The easiest method to boost the positive energy in our spoken words would be to cleanup our thinking. We should become prepared to think well of ourselves. Constant self critique must become unacceptable. We free ourselves to consider and speak well of others by thinking well of ourselves.

Gossip and worrying are distractions along with a misuse of energy. Decide what you want and apply your time into it. As you grow more existence re-inifocing inside your ideas and words you’ll experience more pleasure and success, as well as your feeling of well-being will affect others. More and more people will trust you and wish to assist you to. Your existence can change. Affirm existence together with your ideas and words and you will notice that your business, your loved ones, your area, and you’ll benefit greatly.





A Lesson in Task Management: The A-B-C-D-E Method

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Task Management [ninja-popup id=66 autoopen=true]


Task management is the power to accomplish more in less time.  Task management can either help individuals achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.  You can rank a tasks complexity, from low to high.  This would require managing all aspects of a task, including its priority, time and status.

Let’s face it, we all can get more money after it’s spent.  It’s a renewable resource but we can’t get back our time after its spent.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  That’s why we have to implement a system that helps identify the best allocation of our time we have for the goals we need to achieve.

engineering-task-managementWhy Task Management is Important

Task management builds self discipline and saves time that can be invested elsewhere.  Three minutes here, seven minutes there, ten minutes here all adds up to hours, weeks, months and eventually years of time saved that can now be invested to do other activities that you love.

The Alphabets

Now is the method we promised.  Think of something you always dreamed to achieve that you have been putting off and use it in harmony with the 5 steps below:

Step 1 –  Creating a path

Write down everything you need to do now or in the near future to make this dream a reality.  Jot down every action step that has ever crossed your mind that you been procrastinating on.  If you don’t know what action to take, do yourself a favor and ask yourself the question “what actions would I take if I knew what to do?”

You need to write down 15+ action steps.  They don’t have to be in order, just scribble them down putting a check mark by each thought that comes on to your paper.

Step 2 – Organizing

Looking at all of the 15+ things you have down, start off by placing an ‘A’ by any tasks that can be done TODAY…not tomorrow or this week but TODAY.  So go through the list and look over it and write small A at the end of the action step that qualifies.

Now look over the remaining tasks with no A by it and see if it qualifies to place a B next to it.  The ‘B’ represents what you would like to do today…but it can wait till tomorrow.  So put a B by all the action steps that can be done tomorrow.

After that, label a ‘C’ by some of the remaining task left over.  The C stands for things that can be done this week meaning sometime in the next 5 days.

Now you should have a few remaining that has not been labeled.  Label them ‘D’ because the D stands for delegate.  Think of this task as a CEO or high ranking manager would thinking about who you can delegate or assign this task too.  Get creative.

E.  If you have anything whats so ever left over, just E or Eliminate the task.  This is important because sometimes unless we go through this process of organizing action steps for am important goal we want to achieve, we may have a action step that we think is really important to achieving the goal but it qualifies to be a E in this method and should be Eliminated from the plan.

Step 3 – Format the Alphabets with numbers

So where are we?  We have a bunch of  As, Bs, Cs and Ds all over the place.  Now we got to format.  Look over the As and put a ‘1’ by the A that needs to be done first and a 2 by the A that needs to be done second, 3 for third and so fourth.  Do this for B, C and D.

Example – (I need to be enrolled in college by next semester)

  • apply to my local college   A2
  • meet with local high school guidance counselor A1
  • apply for student loan  A3

Now you should have 1s, 2s and 3s next to all our ABCDs

Step 5 – Create the ATTACK!! Plan

It’s all about connecting the dots now.  I love this part.  All the As we do today.  All the Bs we do tomorrow.  All the Cs sometime this week meaning the next 5 days or sooner and the Ds we delegate to another.

You should feel more in control now.  Before you were making a mountain out of a mow hill, now we have helped you bring it down to size in the form of a Clear Action Plan that is measurable.

There is task management software available to help facilitate this process but you choose your outlet.

Cheering you on,


Steven S.




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How To Visualize

visualizingIf you don’t know by now, we live in two worlds.  The spiritual world and the physical world.  The spiritual world consist of things like gravity and electricity.  They can not be seen but their powers are unquestionable.  It’s the invisible world.  The world that creates our outer world, the world of the physical results you get in life.  The majority of the results you produce in life has a lot to do with the thought images you develop in your mental theater around people, circumstances and events in your life.  In other words your visualizations.

You probably heard of the term before in a self help seminar or by reading a Jack Canfield book.  Visualization helps you create the life you want and its some specific strategies and tactics I want to share with you that will assist you.


When you visualize what happens actually?  You picture a movie or mental image in your mind of the thing you want or don’t want. Here we will be focusing on the things we want.  There 4 things to incorporate that will get you real world results in your visualizations.

They are:

1. Feel the Feelings

2. Focus on The End Result

3. Picture it Now and Not in The Future

4. Repetition is The Key

Feel the Feelings

The most important thing you can do when visualizing is to feel the feelings of Having the thing you want.  When you picture that result you want step into that movie or picture.  Psychologist call this Association.  Association is when you see your visualization from first person meaning you are seeing it out of your own eyes, like how you see this page out of your own eyes now.  What most people do which is counter productive when visualizing is they visualize the goal from afar looking at there selves doing the thing.  This is called Disassociation.

God, or whatever you call that power greater than yourself, responds to the feelings that we put out into the universe.  So when you visualize clearly your goal and give out the feelings of having it now, you send out a signal to the universe that you have it now and the attraction process starts.  The feeling is what creates the attraction…its what gets you on the path to the result you want.  Without the feeling you are just a firecracker with no lighter. Don’t worry, just add the feelings of having the thing you want to make it pop.  Photo: DPA

Focus on The End Result

When you visuluize always and ONLY focus on the end result…very BIG here people.  A lot of people do the exact opposite.  They focus on the process of receiving what they want.  The step by step events leading up to the thing that they want.  Big mistake.  This is counter productive to what your creation because focusing on the process only attracts back to you the process of getting to your goal.  Ever notice those people that always wanted something and never got it or it took Forever for them to receive it (years, decades).  Nine times out of ten they were visualizing but visualizing the process versus the End Result of that desire. So….thats exactly what they keep getting back. The law of attraction is like a boomerang, what you put out you get back. Yup

Picture it Now and Not in The Future

Remember the subconscious mind doesn’t know anything about the future or the past…it ONLY knows NOW.  So if you picture something you want ‘5 years from now’ vs Today, you are going to keep getting brief glimpses of your outcome but never the outcome.  Think about it. The feeling you are putting out into the universe is ‘i will have that..but in 5 years from now’.  That’s the signal.  If you stay visualizing that it WILL always be in the future because that is the feeling/picture you are putting out there and that’s exactly what you are going to get back its pure science.

Repetition is The Key

When visualizing its best to do it the 1st 15 minutes of the day and the last 15 minutes of the day.  That’s is because your subconscious mind is most receptive to suggestions you give it through visualizations, declarations or images.  We are talking about visualizations here.  Don’t make it a chore but intentional visualization is powerful.  Time yourself. 15-20 minutes is ideal.  It s really not the amount of time you do it but that you do it everyday.


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Eliminate Worry Forever in 4 Steps

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 worry busting

Hello all.

I want to share something with you that is so Powerful…that it could literally could put the psychiatrist profession to bed.   I mean, this strategy has been a real “life saver” for millions of people and all who I have taught this too.  The H.T.C.M.L. (Inner World) Strategy I give you is…The Worry Buster.

1st Introduced in my experience, by the Great Brian Tracy.  The strategy helps you to first focus on a solid step by step   action plan to solve what you have labeled a “problem”.

Just think about what you you normally do.  Maybe just sit there and worry about the problem till “what ifs” dominate the psyche.  Your mind becomes ‘clouded’ when the solution to the labeled problem comes up.  No sunshine every comes on your problem because of the cloud created by never facing the issue head on.  Well, well. Aren’t you in  for a treat. :)     We have the exact process/system for you to follow below.


4 step freedom1.) Write down exactly what it is you are worried about.


A lot of times when we worry about something we don’t clearly know exactly what it is we are worried about.  You get CLEAR by writing it down on paper word for word exactly what is it that you are worried about. (ex. I am worried that my wife will leave me for her boss)  This gives you sunshine clarity on what the actual problem vs the  “fog”  created in your mind when this action is not taken and you just worry about the issue.

2.) Write down the Worst Possible thing that could happen.


I agree with you that this is probably the most challenging  part of the system but also the step where growth is experienced the most.  Facing your worst-case scenario solves  50% of the problem.  

This is truly half the battle because when you face the worst possible thing that could happen you actually face the worry monster, you stand up and Stop getting bullied by looking the monster square in the face with your arms stretched wide out and telling it “Ok, I see what could happen…now what?  I’m still here baby, bring it” versus allowing the worry monster to just push you around because of your worrying about the matter versus facing it.

3.) Look at the Worst and accept that this should occur.


Here we go a step further than just writing it down.  We actually accept the Worst thing that could happen by picturing it briefly and accepting that IF it happened hey…you would still be here.  That it’s really not the end of the world.  You have peace with the your worry now.

4.) Write down everything you can do now or in the near future so that the Worst never happens.


NOW…here the most important ACTION step.  When you accept the worst your thinking “shifts” to a ‘what can I do now’ mentality to Prevent this from happening.  From here you start writing down what can you do now or in the near future.  The most important thing to do is “”something”” RIGHT NOW..send a email..make a phone call…some sort of action NOW to prevent the worst from happening.

Power to people.


S. Schwartz

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Life Changing Quotes

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Life Changing Quotes 


positive quotes











































How to change my lifeWords carry enormous power.  They are communicated in many ways like heartwarming pieces of writing, thought provoking song lyrics, touching poetry and life changing quotes.  Guidance and inspiration come from wisdom of wise men, men who led an extra-ordinary life, and have something valuable to offer to the humanity.  Most of the time, these people provide these jewels to the world in a speech, a book or an informal conversation.

Many of them are truly life changing quotes for two reasons: firstly, they carry the life experiences of the best of the best, and secondly, they are preserved in their original form hence never lose their effect.  These simple lines can solve your worst problems of life.  Whether you are experiencing bad relationships, work problems, family problems, financial problems, bad health, or are simply depressed and unable to move on with life; find the quotes that are most inspiring to you and have a look at them whenever you feel like having a problem.  Below, I have compiled a short list of life changing quotes regarding its different aspects like creativity, wealth and happiness; hope you will find them helpful.

Life changing quotes about Creativity

A quote has the potential of sparking the instinct of doing something differently, which ultimately leads to creativity and innovation.  This may sound like a cliché these days, but the fact is that, every successful person in the world had an inspiration which acted like a stimulus in his success.

For example, this quote from Pablo Picasso which says “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” provides an instant spark of encouragement to its reader.  For those who tried, but couldn’t get to the point where they wanted to be, must read this encouraging quote from Salvador Dali “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”.  These quotes can make a depressed and discouraged person to pick himself up and try again; the effect of these words is immeasurable.

 Life changing quotes about Wealth

Every one of us wants to be rich and wealthy to enjoy the luxuries of life, but not everyone knows how to get there.  Let’s refer to this quote by author Robert Collier for guidance; “All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas – not money”.  Robert Collier believes that you got to have an idea and vision, money will follow; and if you take a look at the richest people on earth, you will find this notion hundred percent right.

All of us face issues with money management; we spend too much and lose all our money before the month ends.  This simple advice from one of the richest men in the world and the most successful investor of our times, Warren Buffet, can make our lives easier.  He said: “If you buy things you don’t need, you’ll soon sell things you need.”

Life changing quotes about Happiness

We think that we will be happy when we have lots of money and authority, with no work to do and nothing to take care of. Many of us waste our lives in this mindless pursuit of happiness, and at a later age we repent our behavior. Mark Twain’s saying can make this matter easier for us by correcting our understanding of happiness. He said: “The best way to cheer yourself is to try cheering somebody else up.”

All the philosophers, writers and thinkers are convinced that happiness can only be achieved by making others happy. This can be done directly by helping others and making them smile, or indirectly, by contributing to the world and benefiting others with your work. As Buddha rightly sums it up, “Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others.”


6 Divides To Wealth

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The Money Management 6

Money, water, food and air are all two edged swords.  Too much or too little can either give life to things or bring about death.  Here for your benefit we focus on the two edged sword of money…but the nice edge. We have a great money management strategy for you stumbled upon just a few short years ago.  I learned and used this powerful model back in 2006 at a empowerment seminar in Atlanta, Ga while I was homeless.  Not eating out of garbage cans, thank heavens but just without a pace to call my own.  But back to the this radical money management strategy.

What Is It?

Its been called the Worlds Greatest Money Management System created by T. Harv Eker.  The system shows you how to manage your money like the rich or wealthy which every word you prefer.  It’s 6 different accounts that you divide every dollar into as soon as you receive it.  The system, when used, is so amazing and makes you feel such in control of your money and quite frankly your financial future.  But the best part that I have seen is that this system actually attracts more money to you…literally.

To make things simple for you to understand lets use a one dollar bill.  Remember there are 6 ways to divide your money every time you get paid with the system, so here we go.  If you don’t have a bank account just use JARS with the labels we will detail for you below.

Can Someone Say Money Management?

Divide #1 FFA 10%

This is where you take 10% of your net income (based on our $1 example .10 cents) and put it in your FFA or Financial Freedom Account.  This is an account that you Never touch unless its investing in assets.  You can create this account as a money market or a high yielding savings account.  This is your Golden Goose and will attract money to you.   This happens because with you having the money always sitting there ready to get INVESTED and not spent, acts as a magnet for more money to be added to that account.  It’s a energy spiritual thing..

Divide #2 LTSFS 10%

This divide is is a acronym for Long Term Savings For Spending.  I love this account because it trains you to be a master in the area of ‘delayed gratification’ which is needed to help you become the financial success you intend.  This account is for things that you want now and can afford based on your income you earn. But remember based on our example of income earned being $1.00 USD, lets say the thing you are dying to get cost .60 cents right, .60 cents. You think you can afford it cause you just earned a dollar..but your current LTSFS account has only .10 cents in it. So you have to ‘Wait’ until your LTSFS account is ‘built up’ to that .60 cents account accumulation and THEN and only then can you purchase that intensely desired product/service.  It protects you from impulse spending which can be destructive to your long term financial goals.

Divide #3 BLOW 10%

I know what you maybe thinking now…Boring. I get it. OK, lets have some fun, time to party! You are about to get to do what you’ve always done your whole life with money.  You are about to get to do what all the commercials suggest you do with your money when you get it!  You are about to do what you think all rich or wealthy people do all the time (read The Millionaire Next Door to have this belief reconstructed..).  But anyway, you get to BLOW!-WASTE!-SPLURGE!-BINGE on yourself!  This is part of being overall balanced in this approach.  All fun and no play isn’t healthy is it?  Of course not.  Its also great for your subconcious mind to experince this elation so it can bring more $$ to you which thus fills up your BLOW account even more.

Go out there and spend that 10% (.10 cents with our $1.00 example) on something that makes you feel rich or wealthy!  Go out there and splurge your 10% on something that helps you feel good…that’s really the bottom line.  FEEL GOOD.  Go buy what you want.  Floss on ’em.  Do you.  You can do this every time that account receives the 10% from your earned money or let it build up a little to a certain amount to spend on the Bigger stuff you want.  :-)

think beyond the normal

Divide #4 GIVE 10%

This is what you may already do via your church or you might be similar to me because I just love giving money away in public.  I don’t mean to get of topic but I jut get a kick out of leaving a portion of my GIVE 10% percent in public.  I will just drop it in a aisle in Walmart or leave it on the counter under a envelope at the gas station.  Doesn’t matter “where” the money is given, as long as the energy is dispersed.  Now back to our program.

When you give don’t expect the return to come from the people you give it too.  Because when you do its no longer fun or in alignment with the laws of the universe.  When you give, give to ‘feel better about money’.  Look up Rhonda Byrne’s book The Power for a profound explanation.

Divide #5 EDUCATION 10%

This divide of 10% of your income is to invest in the education of YOU.  That seminar you always wanted to take or that marketing book you know you needed to buy but have been putting off.  Now go and get it.  Look at your account, .10 cents or $1,000 or whatever amount happens to be in your account, and go out and invest in yourself.  The meaning of education is alot more than college degrees and PhDs.  I think that

Divide #6 EXPENSES 50%

Here you also do what you have always done.  This account goes towards your expenses around the house.  Light, gas, water, food, clothes, shoes, manicures, whatever.  You can take this to 55% if needed and decrease 5% in any account except your Golden Goose (FFA).

So if you think about it 10+10+10+10+10+50= 100% of your money.  Now go take A.C.T.I.O.N.  and change this area of your life.

Didn’t mean for this one to be so long…but I intend that it helped out.








The Pomodoro Method

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Pomodoro Method

pomodoro-techniqueWe all in our lives feel like we don’t have enough time in the day.  We all feel like there are just not enough hours in the day.  If we feel like we do have the time then we get distracted and lose our attention span.  We need something to hold us accountable for our time.

Well, I have a innovative solution for you.  The next time you ask yourself the question HTCML (how to change my life), when it comes to your time management strategies…consider The Pomodoro Technique.

Pomo… Who?

You may have heard of this technique before.  It’s used by many of the worlds highest achievers.  I first came across this method after purchasing a internet marketing course by Adam Short where he introduced the purchasers of his program to this idea.  The Pomodoro Method was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s as a way to break down periods of work into 25-minute intervals using a timer called Pomodori (french for ‘tomatoes’).

How Pomodoro Works

The way I have come to understand this amazing time management strategy is to divide it into 2 parts, Rounds and Cycles.  What do I mean by Rounds and Cycles?  Well a Round is a 25 minute slot of time dedicated ‘rigidly’ to your work followed by a 5 minute rest.  Then after 4 Rounds you have successfully completed your 1st Cycle.  After you complete a Cycle you qualify for a rest of 15 to 20 minutes and then its back on that saddle.

So your day should be consisted of nothing but Rounds and Cycles as far as your work goes and soon you wont be surprised to see why your time to it takes to get things done have shortened drastically.

The Science Behind The Weird Sounding Word

Science.The science behind The Pomodoro Technique is simple.  Scientific studies show that the human brain can only focus on a single task, without the mind wondering, for about 23 to 26 minutes before distractions start to have its way.  So the method focuses you for 25 minutes on a given endeavor of your choice and gives you a break in between for 5 minutes.  I like to call this my ‘reward’ time because to be honest ALOT can be done in this restful 5 minute time frame.  A quick brushing of the teeth or a quick touch up around the house…then back to your second Round.

The most IMPORTANT thing to do is to have a timer present…I mean this is the magic dust.  Hearing that timer go tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…and so forth keeps your mind focused.  It puts into clear perspective, that focusing on your project is top priority before that timer goes off.  Another thing I do which you should consider is setting a clear goal of what you should complete by the time that timer goes off.  This makes it so much more fun!

Additional Tactics To Include

Some additional ideas to consider when you are doing your Rounds (25 minutes), is to to cut your phone off or put it on airplane mode.  If you try this while working on your Cycle, you will be  much more focused on your task and get more done…but make it fun.  Try dancing to some music on your 5 minutes breaks.  Lol!

Also when on your breaks make sure you do something that has NOTHING to do with the work you were just working on. Make it totally ‘unrelated’. Get my drift?   Now take A.C.T.I.O.N.






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